How To Get Laid

How To Get Laid

how to get laid

If you wonder how to get laid, you should read “How To Have Sex” on our page, because it’s all about seduction. Anyway I’ll give you additional tips about.

Let’s you already have a girl attracted to you, and you want to take her home. You need to give her any logical reason to go there, for example to see your collection of whatever or to see a movie or really whatever.

Next, when you kiss each other, you need to escalete your touch (more info about touching HERE), getting into more intimate zones, like breast etc.

Normal behaviour is that she says “No, no..” etc., and now:

1. You can say “Yes, you’re right; we shouldn’t do it” and keep escalating (with info about touching I mentioned above you should warm her up to the redness, what will make your life much easier and you will succeed)

2. Anyway there still can a last minute resistance, so a very effective method is to stop, turn the lights on, seat by the computer or whatever – something like this, to suprise her and make her want you. It’s called “a freezer”. She needs to want this cuddling and caresses more, than turning back to to state without them.

Then you start doing your job again and the story makes a circle till the end.

Sometimes those two techniques need to be mixed, and it’s ok.

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