Kissing Girl

Kissing Girl

A Kissing girl is what you have after you attract her well šŸ˜€Ā (Iā€™m jokin’ but it is actually true)

Here I will give some simple tips about kissing.

First of all you need to kiss her, and it should come out from you. You are the active part of relation, girl is the passive one.

Rule #1 – When you feel it is the right time, then it’s the right time

Rule #2 – You can do the magic triangle, which is pretty common in movies.

You look at her left eye, then right eye, then lips, then left eye and so on.

Kissing Girl


OK. I think you get the idea. Now kissing tips:

Start only with lips, gently and emotional (always kiss emotional). Softly touch (with your lips) her upper lip, lower lip, sides of them, center and feel her. Next you can add a little of tong, using it more and more and step back to lips only.

Don’t use your tong to much = don’t choke her with eat.

Here is a nice video showing how easy it can be, seriously

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