Dating Advice For Men

Dating Advice For Men

Hey, on this page you will find some dating advice for men. This all website is about seduction, so here we will focus on dates / a first date.

1. When you get a number from a girl, find out what plans she’s got for a future, when she’s free, and set up a date right away – don’t leave tthis for texting and calls.

2. Don’t be boring – be original. You don’ wanna be like other guys and she doesn’t want it neither. So be creative.

3. For days you can find some activities – not only seating in a cafe. Think about something that involves you both – this way you may get a connection (a “together” thing).

Of course you can go for a walk and it can be only a part of your date.

By the way: it’s good to visit more places during one meeting. It will make her feel, she knows you longer and better.

Dating Advice For Men

4. If you wanna go to a cafe or place like that, choose the one with couches, to feel comfortable and relax, feel good and enjoy yourself, chill out. This will make her feel the same.

5. Initiate the touch and escalate it (more about it – The Art Of Touch <-click, it’s awesome). It will build a sexual tension and this is what you want.

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Here is a nice video about an inner game, which is very important in relations between people and in life in general

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