How To Be Confident

How To Be Confident

Probably you wonder how to be confident and trust it’s not only about a confidence around girls (men, if you’re a girl) or only in job. Self-confidence in general.

This is what you need to understand. Just don’t give a shit. This is your life.

Like in movies – some guy is insecure and after he realized his potential and started be really himself, he becomes a hero – true story.

This is really that simple.

Just believe it.

Below you can watch really nice videos saying the truth. 

I’ll add a little bit to this:

1. You posture: your body follows your mind, and your mind follows your body. So chest to the fron, chin a little bit higher (not to high – the girl is right), shoulder blades together. Exercise: stand against the wall the way when you touch it with head and shoulder blades at the same time and like this for 3 minutes. You can check your if your posture is correct by coming bacj to the wall. It’s a little bit overdrawn but it works.

2. Your outfit – dress to feel like you look like a million $$$ (really. And it doesn’t need to cost a million.)

3. Live in harmony with yourself nad with others. When you realize yourself and your plans, you feel like you could carry mountains.

These are my tips on how to be confident. Of course your confidence will grow a lot, when you start pick up totally hot girls.


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How To Be Confident

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